What's changing in 2023: New print collection

Hello beautiful people,
 I hope you’re all having a great start to 2023! I’m back and we officially have a new mini helper in the studio yes I am now officially a mum!
Although I have been working here and there I am finally returning from maternity so will be back painting and creating NEWWWWW ARTWORK Very sooooon!
I’m beyond excited to begin creating again and open my 2023 commission slots.
Whilst being off I’ve had a lot of time to reflect. It’s been almost 9 months from when I last painted so I’m excited to explore a new direction and develop a new style of working. It’s been exactly a year since my last print collection so I definitely think that it’s time for a VERY BIG CHANGE! With that being said, I feel I have entered a new chapter of my life. So much has changed since I last created art. I feel it’s only right to create a new body of artwork that aligns with my new era.
I have decided that I will be discontinuing my current prints. I will have my final print sale until end of Feb. All prints will be 40% off. I’m genuinely so excited to start fresh and explore a new creative style. I cannot wait to share with you all.
Thank you for being on this journey with me, I cannot wait to show you what’s next.
Yharnna xx

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