Hello beautiful people!

I hope you’re all well and safe!

I’m beyond excited to have finally released my new canvas prints!

This will be a brief overview essentially explaining more about canvas prints to help further your understanding as it’s something that I’ve never sold before. In other words, It’s all very new and exciting :-)

So, at present I sell prints which are high quality reproduction images printed onto fine silk paper. These are not embellished with texture and range between £30-£85.

After my prints come my original canvas artwork that start from £600+. Each original piece takes weeks to complete and are made with love and passion. I put my all into each painting that I ever create as I love what I do and I’m aware that art is a long term investment for your home. I only ever want my artwork to be perfect for your walls.

My main objective is to always make my artwork accessible and obtainable, I never want to feel as though I’m excluding anyone from purchasing my artwork. I completely understand that we all have different budgets in mind. With that being said this is where canvas prints will now be introduced.

Essentially canvas prints will now bridge the gap between my classic prints and original art canvases.

I know so many of you have always canvas art in your homes to fill your wall space. I always aim to be as accommodating as I can, so I’m incredibly enthralled to be able to offer you all another alternative also.

Each canvas print will be made to order and will be hand embellished by myself with texture and acrylic paint. I’ve included more specific details regarding canvas prints below.

Yharnna xx


What is a giclée canvas print?

A giclée canvas print is a high quality reproduction image printed from a state-of-the-art print software, onto rich and fine textured 400gsm cotton canvas. Once printed, the canvas is then hand- stretched onto heavy-duty 4cm-deep stretchers by an expert team.

 Each canvas print is limited edition and hand embellished by Yharnna using a mixture of both acrylic oil paints. The use of acrylic and oil paints mixed with a series of different textures and mediums creates an authentic and textured finish on each canvas print. Each canvas print captures elements of an original piece through character and composition.

Our canvas prints arrive ready to hang, with a flat hanging system that enables your canvas to lay perfectly against your wall.


Artwork size

Canvas prints are available in 3 different sizes.

-A2 42x60cm (16.5”x23.4”)

-50x70cm (19.69”x27.56”)

-A1 size 60x84cm (23.4”x33.1”)

Artwork price

-A2 42x60cm (16.5”x23.4”) £210 unframed  £265 framed

-50x70cm (19.69”x27.56”) £230 unframed   £285 framed

-A1 size 60x84cm (23.4”x33.1”) £250 framed.  £320 unframed


 Do these pieces of art come framed?

We also offer the option of framing your canvas print. Your canvas print can be framed in a 42mm (depth) canvas floating frame. Each canvas frame is hand made by our expert framing team. The colours that we offer are: Black and white.

I hope this helps if you have anymore questions please email us at: naythan@yharnnadesigns.com

Alternatively you can shop all canvas prints HERE.


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  • Alex

    Good Morning Yharnna,

    I hope you’re well. I discovered your page on tik tok and was instantly taken back by the beauty and nature of your works, especially by your texture canvas. I’d like to enquire as to whether you would be able to commission a canvas of the following (potential) dimensions: 280cm x 100cm depending on the stretcher you’re able to acquire.

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