Self love series- My inspiration behind this series

Self love prints- Everything you need to know

Hello you beautiful people! I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far.

On Sunday 24th October at 12.30pm, I’m launching a brand new series of prints that I’m beyond excited to share with you all! 

About this print release?

I will be releasing x3 limited edition self love prints. Each print will be available in 3 different sizes. A4,A3 and A2 size.

What was my inspiration behind this series?

After finishing University back in 2016, my first two pieces that I painted and decided to explore were two pieces called ‘Growth’ and ‘Self Love’ which have been my two favourite pieces complete to date. Mainly because they hold so much sentimental value to my own journey as an artist.

They were completed when I was still very unsure of myself, and unsure whether it was even possible to become a full time artist. These two pieces signified the beginning of my journey as an artist, which I think is so important. It’s very important to recognise your journey and celebrate small milestones.


Since then, I’ve since explored abstract art, text based empowering art and line art. I enjoy changing between styles as it keeps my flame alive and allows me to be excited to constantly create. However Since moving away from this series, I’ve always wanted to revisit body oil painting, with an improved skillset, grown/developed mindset and to really just explore it further than I did when I was just beginning my art journey.

 The first element that I wanted to explore was more diverse body shapes, Bodies come in all different types of shapes and sizes. While I’m often inspired by different body art, I wanted to differentiate from all the ‘hourglass’ perfect ‘kim K’ body shapes that saturate the internet and IG feeds. I don’t feel that these are a true representation of the beautiful female bodies. We are all made differently and should celebrate this rather than compare to unrealistic representations that often dominate our feeds.

 Another element that I wanted to focus of was texture. Texture is so key and signature to all of my works. I wanted to focus on the beauty of stretch marks and cellulite which are often shunned, removed or edited. Where in actual fact both stretch marks and cellulite are perfectly normal and should be championed. I know soon after I turned 23 I naturally developed stretch marks. I thought these were beautiful and unique. I saw an influencer once refer to them as the ‘waves of the ocean’ and I absolutely love this reference as they are all truly unique.

The first time round when I focused on female bodies in my empowerment details, I focused heavily on shading and skin tones, this time I was to up the notch and challenge myself into capturing the beautiful and intricate details of stretch marks and cellulite through fine details and texture. On the original paintings, I’ve incorporated texture onto the skin, which represent different skin conditions also.

 A close friend of mine suffers from severe psoriasis she was my inspiration behind incorporating texture onto the skin. The texture visually represents different skin conditions that we often feel so conscious of. This is a reminder to love the skin and body you’re in. Back in 2018 I developed an awful skin condition called pityriasis rosea, whereby I become incredibly insecure of the skin that I was in. There was no exact cure, and I would cover my legs in foundation or photoshop it because I was so uncomfortable and insecure with how my legs had flared up. Now I look back on this, I realise I should have just accepted this, and perhaps help spread awareness rather than hide it.

The prints are not textured but are photographed professionally to a high quality so from a glance appear as though they are 3D/textured.


And finally, I’ve always wanted to explore butterflies as I’m so intrigued by their spiritual symbolism and what they represent. Butterflies represent transformation. They embody the changes that we undergo in rebuilding and evolving ourselves.

It is said that seeing butterflies can symbolise self transformation and personal growth.

This resonated with me completely, as my whole inspiration behind this series was to evoke a message of personal growth and learning to love yourself inside and outside whole heartedly.

 Incorporated text within the print

I’m sure you’re all aware that I’m an absolute loverrrrrrr of quotes and affirmations. In times of doubt I always turn to quotes to remind me of my purpose and why I started. Sometimes a subtle reminder can remind you just how amazing you are! We all need pick me ups from time to time. I decided to add written text into the prints, they are short affirmations which add to the sentimental meaning of each piece of art.

 Artwork dimensions  

 Each print will be available in 3 different sizes:

-A4  (21 x 29.7 cm /8.3 x 11.7 inches)

-A3  (29.7 x 42 cm  /11.7 x 16.5 inches)

-A2  (42x60cm/ /23.4 x 16.5 inches)

 (Please note that all prints within this series and sold without a frame)

Print surface 

Silk coated paper, 250gsm

Important information 

Please note an art print is a high resolution printed reproduction of an original work of art. Prints are not embellished with gold/silver leaf and are entirely 2D printed on fine silk coated paper. 

They are printed to a very high quality whereby it can often appear as though they are 3D with texture once in a frame.

 I Hope you all love this series as much as I do, I’ve put my all into these artworks and will continue adding to this series to represent the beauty of the female form.

 Here’s some process pictures of me creating this series. I hope you enjoy the process :-)

Lots of Love Yharnna xx



Naps needed after long hours of painting in the studio :-)


Long and lonely Saturday nights in the studio!



<3 xx


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