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Hellllllllooooooo Everyone it’s Yharnna! I hope you’re all well :-)

So a question that I’m frequently asked is where to buy frames from, so I thought why not write a blog post explaining different frames that I’ve previously bought and would recommend personally.

 The frame sizes I will cover will be for A5 size, A4 size, A3 size, A2 size, 50x70cm size and A1 size. I feel as though it makes more sense If I discuss each frame in size order.

So as you can image over the years I’ve had to buy many different frames, some good, some ok and some an absolute shambles to be quite frankly honest but I promise that I’ll be 100% entirely honest about which frames I would most recommend for your prints. To make your life much easier I will also attach the direct link to each frame.


Mini size A5 size  (18x24 cm)

 My first recommendation would be Ikea! In other words you cannot go wrong with Ikea, their frames are durable, fantastic value for money and extremely sleek in terms of appearance, in other words you absolutely cannot go wrong. 

(The image above is a random quote of mine that I have in my bedroom)

My top frame recommendation for A5 size is RIBBA Frame, white, 18x24 cm £3.50

The link is as follows:


Small Size (A4 Size 21x29cm )

 I generally find A4 frame sizes quite easy to purchase. A trick I normally recommend is to buy a frame with a frame mount. A frame mount is typically around 4cm wide, so it’s a wonderful way to essentially add padding to your artwork/print and take up more space on the wall.

 For A4 prints my favourite frame size is a 30x40cm frame with a mount. The artwork inserted below is:

A4 size in an Ikea RIBBA 30x40cm frame. It is priced at £6 and is remarkable quality for it’s inexpensive price. It's also available to purchase in black.


The direct link for this frame  is as follows:

Desenio frames

I have also purchased several frames from Desenio too. Personally I prefer the quality of the ikea frames as the Desenio frames can feel somewhat flimsy ...However I would confidently say that on the wall they're more aesthetically pleasing as they generally have more of a polished finish. They're available in a wide range of colours. I purchased several gold frames which I used to create a gallery wall in my studio.  I will insert an image of my Desenio frames below.

The link to the Desenio frame is :

You can then proceed onto selecting your frame size.


Hobbycraft A4 frame

Another place I would most definitely recommend to purchase an A4 frame from is Hobbycraft. These are £10 and are superb quality. I am keen in saying that the Hobbycraft frame exceeds both Ikea and Desenio in terms of quality and durability.

The link for this frame is as follows:


Medium Size (A3 Frame size 29x42cm) 

A3 size prints are by far one of my most popular sizes, they can be used for all over the house and can be dressed as pairs. Typically A3 size is the perfect size for Bedrooms (above the bed) bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and living rooms when arranged as a 2 or a 3 depending on your size. 

As seen in the picture above featuring the Desenio frames that I purchased, you can either purchase an A3 or 30x40cm frame for an A3 piece or a 40x50cm frame with a frame mount. Personally I always prefer the look of a 40x50cm frame with a frame mount. The 4cm frame mount adds extra sizing to the artwork, whilst also accentuating the artwork further especially if it's a non white piece that will contrast beautifully with the white frame mount. 

I will insert a comparison of frames below. I'm sure you can all see the huge difference that a frame mount has. Pictured to the left is an A3 piece of art in an A3 sized frame. Pictured the to right is an A3  piece of art in a 40x50cm frame. 

 The links for these frames are as follows :

(Left) A3 gold frame from amazon. Decent quality nothing to essentially blow your mind away. Fantastic value for money.

(Right) 40x50cm RIBBA frame from Ikea. This is honestly one of my most favourite frames to date. It's inexpensive at only £7 and is honestly very impressive quality for the price you're paying. It's lightweight and durable and always looks incredibly sleek on the wall.


40x50cm frame Hobbycraft

The other frame which is an all time favourite for me is again from Hobbycraft. It's slightly more weighty than the Ikea Ribba but aesthetically has a much better finish. It feels and looks more expensive than both ikea and desenio frames.



 Large size A2 size artwork (42x60cm)

A2 size had proven to be quite a tricky size to find a frame with a frame mount, however I've since found two framing methods which i'm extremely content with!

For the A2 artwork above I have purchased an Ikea 50x70cm frame and a separate A2 mount that fits into 50x70cm from John Lewis. 

The links are as follows:

50x70cm Frame:

A2 frame mount


Alternatively you could literally just buy the more easier option which I've only just discovered and purchase the frame from Hobby craft. I'm yet to purchase this frame as this was only a recent discovery, but based on my previous purchases I would 100% recommend Hobby craft's frames. As you can see from the image below it's available in both black and white frames and a wide range of other colours. I highly recommend this frame if you're after a silver frame also.

The link to this frame is as follows:


 Large artwork 50x70cm sized artwork

Ah and then there was 50x70 sized artwork, this size is perfect for larger areas around the house ie living room areas, above a sofa or dining table. 50x70cm is probably one of the most easiest frame sizes to shop for.

In a nutshell, if you're after a 50x70cm frame exact, the you're best off purchasing a 50x70cm frame. However if you're like me and would prefer to add some dimension to your artwork then again I would recommend purchasing a 60x90cm frame with a 50x0cm frame mount. Pictured below is x2 50x70cm pieces of artwork in a 60x90cm frame. 

The link for the Frames that I purchased is :

I highly recommend this frame, it's amazing quality given it's affordable price point.

Another 50x70cm frame I would recommend is the John Lewis 50x70cm frame




  • Madison

    At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, you are a LIFE SAVER! I created standard A2 and A3 design posters for wall art for my home and wanted to get my frames from IKEA to keep cost down. Now I can do this! Thank you sooo much for this article xx

  • Matt

    Thanks so much for this post! So helpful and clear – exactly what I was looking for.

  • Riya

    This is one of the most helpful pages on a website I’ve seen! It’s really saved all the hassle of finding the right size frames for my growing collection of prints from you. Thank you Yharnna!

  • Rachel

    Thanks so much for this post! Its been really helpful

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