Empowering quotes series : Why you should believe in yourself wholeheartedly

From time to time we all need that additional boost of motivation. Whilst I’m a huge advocate of self belief, I’d be lying if I said that I was motivated with sky high confidence 24/7 .

 As humans it’s perfectly normal to feel an array of different emotions. Sometimes they may be good, whilst other times they may be not so good. Either way it’s normal and we’re allowed to feel up and down.

 Today I wanted to discuss with you my top tips of how to start believing in yourself and why self belief is so important. I think it’s extremely important to strengthen the relationship that we have with ourselves and how we perceive ourselves. This way it becomes easier to take control through challenging situations that we may face.

So here’s why I believe that self belief is so important:

1-When you wholeheartedly believe in yourself you are accepting yourself.  

2- When you have accepted yourself for who you are you begin to see just how blessed you are and have more of a positive outlook on life.

3-It’s much easier to reach goals when you believe in yourself and are your own biggest cheerleader. In other words you are taking control an making it happen!

4-When you believe in yourself you’re able to take critiscm easier without getting hurt. Mentally you are stronger.

5- You’ll gain confidence to take more risks in life.


Whilst it’s necessary to focus on why self believe is so important it’s even more crucial to focus on HOW you can start believing in yourself more.

Here’s my top tips on how to believe in yourself more.

1- Take time to yourself and evaluate what you love about yourself and which factors you believe hold you back.

 In order to work out what stops you from believing in yourself, first you must be confronted face to face with these reasons. I would suggest taking some time out to brainstorm and writing down different things that you think come in between your relationship with yourself. What things have made you doubt yourself in the past? What factors about yourself make you feel less confident and effect how you feel about yourself?

You will need to become comfortable with becoming uncomfortable for this exercise. Face your fears head on and be unapologetic about it.

 2- Learn to leave your comfort zone and take small risks.

Ever heard of the saying, nothing grows from your comfort zone? Well good, because it’s true.

By removing yourself from your comfort zone and taking more small risks you and forcing yourself to handle and face new situations which in time will increase your ability to trust yourself in how you handle new situations and new scenarios.

3- Celebrate your small wins no matter how small.

I believe in this so much! I cannot express how important it is to be your own biggest cheerleader! When you take time out to acknowledge an achievement you are practising positive self talk. Through constantly reinforcing positive self talk you are forming a memory that can be used in the future for when you may have a wobbly moment and struggling to believe in your abilities. Each time you make an achievement, celebrate this, give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself how great you're doing. For example I now consistently wake up at 6am everyday. This may seem pointless/very small to some people but for me it's a huge achievement so I will continue to pat myself on the back and champion this achievement. 

 4-Learn to trust yourself

 No matter how much we prep ourselves with positive self talks, there will most likely always be moments where we may second guess ourselves by implementing self doubt into our heads. I tend to call this the neggy Nancy voice that pops up every now again to plant her seeds of self doubt. In some way or another we all have our own version of Neggy Nancy, however the good news is she does go away and isn’t here to stay.

So here’s what you’re going to do to learn how to trust yourself. Firstly you’re going to be kind to yourself. Keep a close eye on your inner voice. For everytime you have a neggy nacy thought, cancel her out with a positive affirmation. Compliment yourself, tell yourself how strong and capable you are. Being kind to yourself and loving yourself unconditionally means getting rid of negative thoughts about yourself. Don’t be afraid to spend time with yourself also.

 5-Be yourself and stop caring what other people think.

 First thing’s first, what other people may think isn’t any of your business. While that may seem considerably blunt, it is the harsh reality. I used to waste time thinking what other people would think. However, I later learnt that their thoughts are their own and have nothing to do with me. Why should your self-belief be based on external validation?

 You are enough as you are. You do not need someone else’s validation. Embrace the fact that your value is not determined by how liked and accepted you are. Over time I’ve learnt to define my own values. If I were to live my life according to what other people think, I’d probably be exhausted and mentally drained every single second of the day.

 Overcoming the fear of what people may think of you, isn’t something that can happen overnight. It’s a process and a journey, but it’s a journey worth taking.

 Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and accept that absolutely no one on earth is perfect. The best thing you can do is show up as your authentic self and be unapologetic about it.

 You are enough and you are more than capable. Please do not let no one tell you any different.

 I will be releasing a limited edition quote series this Friday 30/7/21. As you can probably already tell self-belief and encouraging others to believe in their abilities is something that’s very close to my heart. Quotes is and always will be a core part of my brand. Recently I’ve had a few wobbly moments which has left me feeling very up and down at times. This has inspired me into revisiting my quotes series, in hope to uplift anyone else that may have been feeling the same way recently. I hope you enjoy my new series. I have personally picked quotes which I have personally used as reminders for when I’m feeling slightly doubtful. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of how strong and capable we all are.

Yharnna xx



 Launch date:

30th July 2021 at 6pm 

Artwork style

Each piece is original artwork that has been hand painted onto fine textured paper and signed by Yharnna. These are 1/1 limited edition pieces, once sold these pieces will not be restocked.

Artwork size

The artwork will be A3 Size which measures 42x30cm

Artwork price

£100.00  GBP

Do these pieces of art come framed?

Please note that frames are not included.






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