Brighter days- New line art series that celebrates the easing of lockdown


Hello beautiful people!


I hope you’re all well and safe!

 It’s been a year exactly since we first entered lockdown. Since then, we have been confined to the walls of our homes, apart from our loved ones and longing for normality.

I’m beyond excited to share with you my ‘Brighter days’ line art series that celebrates the easing of COVID-19 restrictions with hope of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

 It’s been a truly challenging time for us all and I’m delighted that we at last have something to look forward to.

 At times I’ve found myself in a state of Limbo, not knowing when we will have a sense of normality again. Like many I’ve struggled mentally throughout this period but can wholeheartedly admit how incredibly grateful I am to have art as an outlet.

 In other words, art is my therapy and no matter what stresses arise, art always takes me back to my happy place. Throughout this period I have used my art to project empowering messages in hope to uplift you all also. My main purpose and motivation behind why I paint will always be to empower and inspire you all.

 As you can see from the visuals above, I have been heavily inspired by bold and vibrant pastels throughout this series. I wanted to remind you all that we are on our way to brighter days.

 Take care and keep your heads up!

 Yharnna xx


Important information about this series

 Launch date:

4th April 2021 and 12.30pm GMT


Artwork style

Each piece is original line artwork that has been hand painted onto fine textured paper and signed by Yharnna. These are 1/1 limited edition pieces, once sold these pieces will not be restocked.


Artwork size

The artwork will be A2 Size which measures 42x59.4cm “16.5x23.5”


Artwork price

£170.00  GBP


Do these pieces of art come framed?

Please note that frames are not included, you can find more information on where to purchase frames for this size here

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