Black Friday Canvas sale- All essentials explained

Hello everyone!


For Black Friday I will be releasing an exclusive canvas range for 4 days only! (Thursday/Monday) At present I don’t sell canvas’s via my website except my ‘gratitude series.’


For the absolute first time ever! I will be releasing some of my original artworks which I have been holding onto since the very beginning! These are the pieces that I mentioned in my previous blog post and are honestly very sentimental to me!

Although I paint a lot of abstract art now I initially loved painting faces/ bodies etc when I first started, so you’ll be seeing a lot more faces than usual! If you’re wondering why I’m selling these, it’s because I will be moving to my new studio soon and essentially need to create more space!


Apart from my canvas’s online, typically my canvas prices range from £400-£2000. However I want my artwork to be obtainable to everyone! I deliberately do not sell my artwork through galleries as I don’t like the snobby association that comes with some galleries. I often feel so out of place and almost as though I’m being judged when I walk into a gallery!

My aim is to bridge the gap between high end artwork ie galleries and high street generic art ie an Ikea print! I want you all to be able to have an authentic piece of YHARNNA DESIGNS artwork without having to break the bank!

The price range for my canvas sale will be as little as £120 -£400. This is essentially 60% off the Original price!!


You can pay in x3 interest free instalments with KLARNA! You simply have to choose KLARNA as your payment option when checking out. This method is super quick and your artwork will still be sent out straight away, before you’ve paid for it in full. I completely understand that Christmas is approaching and you all have loads of loved ones to buy for. Another alternative is to select PayPal at checkout and use PayPal credit. Please note that this is something you have to apply for externally.

I will also have a discount code for all prints and existing website items, that will be available for a limited time only! I will post a blog post tomorrow 28.11.19 at 18.00 with other Black Friday discount codes.

Instant online messaging via the website will be activated over the weekend, so If you have any questions or queries you can message us instantly!



Have a wonderful Black Friday weekend!


Yharnna xx

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