A2 original abstract Line art 

Hello you lovely people! I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far.

So today at 12pm, I’m launching a brand new series of original art that I’m beyond excited to share with you all! 


About this series of art?

I will be releasing a very limited series of A2 size original abstract line art. Each piece has been hand painted onto fine textured paper. Each piece of art is textured. I really wanted this series to be incredibly unique and one of a kind so there will only be 15 pieces created within this series. The price of each piece is £160.00.


What was my inspiration for this series?

I’ve  always been a huge advocate of story telling and uplifting the world around you. I personally believe that it’s imperative to use art to move the world and spread awareness(especially at a time like this). In saying this, this series was originally inspired by 2020/lockdown. 

This series signifies how important is to keep your loved ones close and represents togetherness. 

As you probably already know prior to lockdown, my artwork mainly consisted of abstract art. However through taking time out throughout lockdown I became more playful and began exploring line art which I thought capsulated strength and togetherness perfectly. 

What started off as a playful experiment, ended up shaping a whole new direction of artwork and I’m absolutely loving it so far!

 I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 has been somewhat catastrophic. Many of us have completely cancelled this year. However although this may be an extremely unpopular opinion I also believe that this year has been the year that’s woken us up! I believe there have been many silver linings this year. One of the main lessons I have learned is to appreciate what you have and those around you. 2020 has definitely brought me closer to my family and friends. It’s also taught me how important mindset is also. Lockdown has been tough on many people, both mentally and physically. It’s incredibly hard to stay uplifted all day 24/7 especially when you’re locked indoors. However no matter how challenging it may be, remaining optimistic for a brighter future is very important. On days that I’ve felt very flat, demotivated and quite frankly rubbish thinking of brighter days and a brighter future is what’s helped me persevere and push through. 

I know things may not necessarily be easy right now, but I wanted to create a series that evoked feelings of hope, optimism and togetherness.

Things will indeed get better for is ALL. I’m no expert to tell you when however I know for certain that tough times don’t last forever. The sun will rise again :-)


Artwork dimensions  

The size for each piece is 42x59.4cm ’16.5’x 23.4” which is A2 size. 

Please note that all pieces within this series and sold without a frame.


I hope this series inspires you to see a brighter future and remain hopeful at a time like this. Tough times don't last forever. Don't forget to check in on your loved ones. Don't just assume by scrolling someones social media that everything's fine, remember social media isn't reality. Check in on them, ask how they are, see if there's anything they need. Be kind and remain hopeful! 



Lot's of love Yharnna xx



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