Ruby Sunrise


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The story behind the art

The Liberation series celebrates our ability to make choices in life that set us free and leave us feeling liberated and whole as an individual.

Freedom and movement is one of the most foundational elements to wellbeing and happiness. When these realms of physicality are explored this expands our consciousness. We begin to enjoy the freedom of life and embrace what life brings us.

We each have our own incredible gifts to offer the world, for which we should all embrace and explore further.

The use of playful and vibrant fluid inks have been used to express the notion of exploration, movement and playfulness. These are all elements that lead us to feeling liberated and free as an individual.

Being Playful in life brings us into the present moment. Play helps us appreciate that there’s no time like the present. We should live life to be free and create memories that we can hold onto and cherish forever. If we decide to wait to play because we feel as though we need to perfect things before hand, we could be waiting forever.

Through being playful and fearless this signifies to the universe that we are grateful for what we have in life, so are therefore celebrating this.

There is so much to explore in our lives, once we step outside of our boundaries and self limitations to seek what makes us most happy, we are already half way of finding our true purpose.

Do what makes you most happy and fulfilled, do not do what you think you have to do, if it doesn’t make you happy. Life is too short not to be happy!


Product Description 

 This is a limited edition original Ink painting on premium watercolour paper. Each individual piece of artwork within this series represents celebrating our ability to make choices in life that set us free and leave us feeling liberated.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a 1/1 limited edition hand painted piece of art, once sold out it will not be restocked.


 The dimensions for the artwork is A3 SIZE 29X42CM . Please note that the frame is not included.

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