Heya Lovelies and welcome to my studio sale! As many of you may know we have a new member joined the team and I’m currently off on maternity.

      I am also MOVING STUDIOS!! ( I know I couldn’t have picked a more chaotic time to move)

       I recently visited my studio for a tidy up/re-organise and found loadssssssss of artwork which has either never been released, have duplicates of, was in an interior show room, or has tiny defects on so never quite made it to the warehouse.

       I’m an absolute perfectionist so, much of the artworks are in perfect condition but at the time of releasing each series I often overthink everything and end up not releasing all the pieces from a series, mainly because I always want each series to be rather limited so I typically prefer to reduce artworks.

       I then move onto another series next, and sadly these pieces get left behind.

      This is something I’m working on (My fellow artists will understand this process)

      I Don’t normally publish a studio sale live on my website (Slightly nervous 😅)  but it saddens me that these beautiful pieces have been ready and packaged in my studio for so long and never been advertised or released.

       All pieces are significantly reduced, at a special one off price. Quantity’s are extremely limited, there will only ever be 1/1 of each original piece. This is based in a first come first served so you will have to be quick.

       If any minor defects on a print, these will be listed clearly within the product description.

      BUY NOW PAY LATER is available using paypal pay in 3 for all UK customers along with free shipping.


       For any additional assistance please feel free to contact our customer service team at:

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