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You are growing from within print

The story behind the art

This series explores the beauty within diverse female body shapes. Bodies come in all different types of sizes and shapes and should be celebrated. Whilst we are often presented with the ‘perfect’ ‘hourglass’ body shape that often swamps our feeds/media. This is not a realistic or true representation of all female bodies.

We are all made differently and should celebrate this, rather than compare our bodies to unrealistic representation that often dominate our feeds.

The butterflies within this series represent transformation. They embody the changes that we undergo in rebuilding and evolving ourselves. This series symbolises the journey of self love, growing from within and learning to celebrate and love your body.

Product description

Limited Edition high quality Abstract art Prints from the Self love series, Signed by Yharnna. Ideal for framing...

(Frame not included)



Silk coated paper, 250gsm


Important information

Please note an art print is a high resolution printed reproduction of an original work of art. Prints are not embellished with gold/silver leaf and are entirely 2D printed on fine silk coated paper. 

They are printed to a very high quality whereby it can often appear as though they are 3D with texture once in a frame.



Available in sizes:




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