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The story behind the calendars

After a rocky 2020 the time has finally come to prepare for a blissful year of 2021. It’s time to start believing in your magic and doing what makes you feel most uplifted.

The 2021 Yharnna Designs calendar encourages self belief, self acceptance and self love through a series of affirmations. 

It is through Self belief that you are able to manifest your dreams into reality.

In order to push yourself to achieve and exceed your goals, first you must believe in yourself and your capabilities. It’s time to love yourself, be kind to yourself, admire yourself and celebrate your flaws. Success and happiness can never run on an empty tank of self esteem and belief, therefore you must be your biggest fan and love yourself always. 

The 2021 Yharnna Designs calendar has been designed from start to finish by Yharnna herself using abstract prints, that evoke themes of positivity, self belief and the freedom to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy!


Product description

The 'desktop edit’ calendar is A5 size which consists of 30 pages.

Ideal for desks, tables or any surface tops.


Front and Back cover 350GSM high gloss.

Individual pages 250 Silk GSM


A5 Landscape (148mm x 210mm)


48 hours

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